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I am now the proud holder of a... erm... Management... Business... thingy. It says so on the piece of paper. Now, what do I do with it?

Movies I've seen:

Alice In Wonderland: Very pretty, especially in 3D, but I can't help but think I'd have gotten the same experience out of playing American McGee's Alice.

Clash of the Titans: Cleolinda can tell you more, but it seems to consist of pantyshots of Sam Worthington. Also, Io is so pretty and poised I feel she's about to sell some beauty product of some sort. Oh! look at my skin! Buy this soap! My hair, it is so luxurious! Get this shampoo!

Kick-Ass: The little miss badass aspect is very amusing, yes. But since this is less like a videogame or cartoon, the thought of actually teaching a child to kill is monstrous. And holy crap, loli fanservice. Hit Girl reminds me of that pink thing from LoliLazytown.

Oh, I hope Atlus translates Endless Frontier EXCEED soon. I miss Kaguya's boobs.

Ooh! Which reminds me. Boobquake is tomorrow/today!
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Wooo, I'm graduating in a week (yes, I do actually live in meatspace). Business Degree GET!

...but screw that, I'd rather be a wizard. They're marginally more useful, and don't generally cause as much mayhem.

Oooooh, the iPad is pretty, and I think it's the closest thing we have to Trek-style PADs yet. But does anyone actually need one? Wait, what am I thinking? Apple will eventually make people think they do. Besides, they would be awesome to play Osu! on.
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My initial thoughts used to run "TALKING CAT YES PLZ", but now I wonder...
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We would end up killing each other over a game of Brawl, or a cake, or something equally trivial. Or if we agree on everything, we'd still end up killing ourselves, possibly by setting ourselves on fire and blowing up our environs in a freak toilet-related accident. But on the off-chance that we don't end up removing ourselves from existence, we would do the same thing I already do: pick the nice things from life, ignore the other parts in the hope that they'll go away, and basically do nothing.
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Cave Story. Wiiware. Get it. NOW.
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Some of you may know that March 14 was White Day. It is, however, also Steak and BJ day. I had the steak (a nice garlic steak, too), but alas, the second part was lacking. From either approach. I'm going to have to rectify that soon. Hrm.
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In anticipation of the release of SoulSilver (Lugia>Ho-oh. Fact.) I played through Platinum again. To seek out new pokes to transfer and all. Unfortunately, it has a massive cockblock, and its name is Garchomp. Specifically, Cynthia's Garchomp. I can't believe I forgot how much trouble that thing is. It wiped me twice. TWICE. Giratina, Cresselia, another Garchomp, they all were practically tissue paper. So I made it eat a hail-boosted Blizzard from Lapras. I <3 Lapras. Things were so much simpler when there were only 151 of the bloody things. Nidoking, Clefable, Lapras, and Venusaur basically just steamrolled through the place. In any case, it's friday, so get your Drifloon at the valley windworks and Lapras in union cave!

The toilets are fixed! And so is the air conditioner! *jubilation ensues* Properly functioning indoor pluming is a joy like no other.

HOWEVER. Uuuuurgh, there was a spider just watching me. WATCHING. WAITING. Nngh. Oh well, that's what bug spray is for. Or so I thought. So, as usual, I use enough to suffocate a small country, right? And that thing scuttling around was... *shudder* but I had to finish the job. But as I watched it succumb, death throes and all, I started to feel sad for it. Great, how can I, aspiring megalomaniac and card-carrying arachnophobe, even contemplate taking over the world when I feel pity for destroying that which makes me run in terror? I remember that I had to kill a bird for a school sciency thing, and I cried. For about fifteen minutes. And mind you, this was in my late teens. Goodness I'm a wuss. Empathy is quite the liability when you're planning world domination.
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Ooh! Ooh! Neil Gaiman's coming back here, for another talk and book signing, and I may just be able to go to this one :D

I will need an exceptionally impressive book to bring, though. The kind librarians go to war with. Shouldn't there be a twentieth anniversary edition of Good Omens coming up, or something? A nice hardcover copy of that would make an excellent cudgel trophy.

Ah, speaking of Sir Terrence, a recent inventory of my library (which is sadly nowhere near large enough to access L-Space) shows that I actually have 27 of the Discworld books - 30 if you count the three Science of Discworld ones. And I've only read about... 60%? 65%? Well, I know what I'm doing for the next week.

Bloody El NiƱo or whatever they call it is hitting us kinda hard. The heat isn't merely oppressive, it's downright dystopian. O'Brien and the party could learn a thing or two from it.
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Recently I've picked up Dexter, both the books and the TV series. In the fourth season, Dexter kills someone, and to cover it up buys tickets (or so he says) and remarks that the victim would likely end up in The Philippines, and that it's a smart move since there's no extradition treaty.

Except there is. And if the ticket thing is metaphorical, and he really means that the pieces of her body would end up here because of the Gulf Stream... yeah, it doesn't work that way either. The body would be more likely to end up in, oh say Cornwall, or Morocco.

Hi, we aren't Cuba you know. We got rid of our version of Castro some twenty years ago. Okay fine, so the US did get us and Cuba (and a few other territories) in a deal with Spain a hundred years ago. And they have somewhat of a hold on us in terms of economy. And people tend to emigrate from here to America. And we do get battered by the force of American Pop Culture a bit. Hmm. Okay, never mind.

In other news, Cake! I tried baking one, specifically Nigella Lawson's Nutella Cake. Yes, I have a copy of How To Become A Domestic Goddess, yay. And... well. It ended up more like a rather dense brownie. Let me run through why it was Actual Product May Vary.

Hazelnuts are a bit hard to find (I swear I saw some but they don't have them in the market anymore), so I substituted ground almonds instead. I couldn't find the electric mixer, and I had to beat the egg whites by hand and probably didn't do it well enough. Then there's issues with the oven. Too much preheating, too close to the fire, left in a shade too long. And the icing! Oh, the uncooperative icing.

After doing a little surgery on the burnt bottom bit though... It turned out rather tasty, actually. Like a large circular brownie. I even got requests for an encore, though it will be some time before I can brave baking something again. The oven isn't up to it quite yet, either, and has gone into hiding/rehab/vacation.
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They exist, for one.

Did you know that you can make an alfredo (or a reasonable facsimile of one) by tossing in cream, garlic, chicken, and bacon, and praying fervently to the gods of cookery that it doesn't blow up?
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I guess I have to come up with an excuse, yes? Um. Well, WoW is a timesuck. Mhm. And I recently found a hard copy of Le Box a l'Orange, and have been reduced to 1. going AAAAAAAAAAFUCKINGHEADCRAB*BLAMSPLAT* 2. Looking for plush turrets and 3. polishing my non-existent medic skills.

On the anime front, I'm done with Dennou Coil and Dirty Pair. Pani Poni Dash is... um, not progressing very quickly, being that it's literally a reference-a-minute and I keep on having to pause to get the subber notes. Seriously, it's like Azumanga Daioh as done by 2ch. Spice and Wolf, though, is rather interesting. Like its page says, it's all about economics (mercantilism, barter, currency and the gold standard), yet it's awesome. Maybe To Aru Majutsu No Index should be next.

Thoughts on Avatar: It's very very pretty, but the story doesn't seem too novel to warrant the award nods. The ending sploogefest, though? Can be described as thus:


Or maybe: Data DeCentral has released reports of a combined Gaian/Planet Cult force massing in opposition to the Morganite/Spartan alliance. The conflict erupted from the breakdown of mining rights negotiations. When Lady Deidre Skye refused access to the borehole cluster, Sparta Command retaliated by invading Gaia's Landing and broadcasting the burning of the great white pine to all outlying Gaian colonies. Prophet Cha Dawn has since pledged support to the Gaians, allegedly"to protect Planet from the ravages of ecological destruction".
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Or alternatively, from the frying pan into the fire.

Here we are again trying to make enough food to feed a village. Except that sometimes, we do feed one. For some still unknown reason, we decided to cook a turkey. The fifteen-pound beast is currently sitting in an angina-inducing bath of butter and herbs, waiting for its turn in the oven. The cake fell through, and now I'm wondering how to salvage the cream sauce for the noodles.

Bye '09. So sorry to see you go - oh wait, I'm not. Time for the end of the noughties!
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It's D-Day! Half of the extended family is here, the annual advent altercation has come and passed, and the smell of burnt food fills the air. It's another lovely christmas eve. I have, however, had a sweet fizzy drink, so that made me feel better, and there's no sign of a cold (though there is the threat of either diarrhea or indigestion looming, but that's par the course for everyone). Here's to surviving another holiday! *downs copious amounts of iced tea*
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YEAH! I love this remix. Possibly better than the version by the Black Mages. There's also an awesome remix of Fighting of the Spirit, which is the theme that plays in all of the Tales games when you're fighting a summon spirit. Pity he didn't do one for Clash on the Big Bridge, my favouritestestest FF track ever. Oh well, there's also all the lovely Guilty Gear ones. Obligatory link, of course. There's also one for the Mario theme that is unintentionally hilarious, because it's all metal and serious when the game itself is anything but. XD

Ye gods. I promised myself I wouldn't, but I finally caved and tried out WoW. First off, it's more or less what I expected - quests being shoved at you. I don't know why but I kind of like them though, Twenty Bear Asses and all.

HOWEVER. The game world is IMMENSE. So much so that it's kind of ridiculous. Let's see... The elder scrolls games take place in one province each, and there are four of them. Each of the dungeon siege games have a couple smaller, so together each would probably make one or two. Altogether, that only amounts to ONE of WoW's continents, and there are at least for of those.

This is a problem, because I like love exploring. Getting into every little nook and cranny, purposely edging my way up mountains a handful of pixels at a time, poking at every possible detour in the road, I do it all. And with a world as big as this, that will take a LOT of time. So. Speeeeeeeed. Time to go on the hunt for a good mount, and see how much of Azeroth I can take in!
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Look at the fifth cake and read what it says. I'm sure I've made similar remarks over the years. :D

Excellent. Gotten through Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemi, the ROD OVA, and the last two episodes of Slayers (why I never finished that years ago I don't know). Am now faced with the hundred or so episode of You're Under Arrest - OVA, three series, plus a live-action drama. Looking forward to it, though. I don't know why I love it so much but I doooooo...
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Whoa. That last storm was absolutely frightening. The wind didn't simply howl - it came with the roar of every predator ever to have stalked the planet. But while I could hear it, I couldn't feel it. The other ones had really heavy rain, and I could feel it pounding us. This one was more bluster than anything, though that's not to say it didn't do any damage. Terrifying, but ultimately not as bad.

Hah. I knew I had to hold off on the DSi: they're making a larger one. The bigger screens would be welcome, though I'm not too sure about the bigger stylus.

EEEEE! NaNo is upon us! >______________< I've got about half a dozen plotbunnies hopping around in my head, and I don't know where to start D:


Oct. 31st, 2009 01:31 am
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Another one. )

Sims 3 Players! Aside from MATY and MTS, is there any particular place you go for stuff? I'm hearing that while clothes aren't that much of a problem, actual objects seem to be a bit harder to work on (but that's probably because it hasn't been around that long).
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Still alive.

I've been watching a bit of anime and working backwards through time. Starting with Macademi Wasshoi, moving on to Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, and am now at the late 90's era (Nadesico and Excel Saga). The nice thing about the 26 episoders is that by the time I've finished watching, the next set will be mostly done downloading.

Finally, here's some Wikipedia/TV Tropes fic for you.
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'cause I'm a walking DISASTER AREA!

Holy mother of pearl! Here's a rundown:

1. Parma, that huge-ass storm that made us its whipping boy? IT CAME BACK.
2. There was a fire near my university! The smoke! The sirens! The panic! Someone hit the fire alarm and people ran calmly and briskly walked to the exit.
3. And the grand finale? A QUARTER of the country is now WITHOUT POWER.

Could someone tell Lady Luck to stop shitstorming plzkthx.
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Whew. Storm missed the cities, but the eastern coast is battered quite badly.

In other news, I hate this song. Mainly because it now has me blurting out AH-AH I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS THEY MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD at rather bad moments (i.e. anytime).


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