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I forgot all about it, but December 26, 2011 was my 15th year on the internet. Go me! Go internet!
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So I come home and found that they've added a LAN to all three computers :D Plugged mine in, naturally, and the concept of actually being connected all the time is a bit daunting. Of course the first order of business is to get MapleStory and RO set up again XD Then I'll have to start fortifying my computer against viruses and things.

That spellchecker of livejournal's is irritating. For one, it says that the words spellchecker and livejournal are incorrect, so HA XD Also, I capitalized the w and h of when, and it listed it as incorrect. It's suggestions? Every conceivable correct derivative spelling, EXCEPT the properly spelled and capitalized word "when".

And the reason I've come home? Christmas, because I'll just find myself dragged back here anyway. But more importantly, they're finally paving the roads in front of my shack-in-the-middle-of-nowhere! ^____^ I must really be in the boonies if I'm excited by the prospects of running water, paved roads, and telephone lines XD but I actually live quite close to the biggest airport in the country. Interesting note: boonies is short for boondocks, which comes from the tagalog word bundok which is mountain. No language is safe from English.

I had a dream about a scene in the third PotC movie (it was a dream so let's forget the fact that it isn't out yet). The pearl was being chased by some other ship. They ended up somewhere on the brazilian mainland, I believe, and hid in a cove, but the next day the pearl was beached because apparently they had sailed into it at high tide. The other ship was closing in, but someone had the idea to lash many large birds (and I swear that I saw a harpy or two) and that made the pearl FLY! There were huge, deep holes in the ground which led to underground rivers. Diving into one was a popular pastime for the indigenous people. In any case they landed the pearl into one of them, and were sailing down some sort of rapids.

Dream two involved me, [livejournal.com profile] cstephens and [livejournal.com profile] sapphires13. We were at the bar of a hotel, and I was sitting on a stool. Chris told me that I was sitting in Chass' stool and if I didn't leave she would do many painful things to me. I went back to my room to get something - a jacket, I believe - when a hurricane struck. For some reason the water rose 21 stories O___o and I found myself on the skybridge between the two main buildings of the hotel just above the flood level, hanging on to a cable in an attempt to not be blown away. When it ended I was gently falling down to the ground, unharmed.


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