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And the world has failed to end.

Try again in a century. I'm sure 21/12/2112 will be much more conducive to the apocalypse.
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"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" doesn't apply to haircuts. It also doesn't apply to dentistry. Unlike hair, though, teeth don't grow back. And because I am a cheap lazy bastard I had put off having a tooth extracted until the very last minute, when there was barely a tooth to remove at all. While the process itself was painless, the dentist was digging away in there like he was excavating some long lost civilization, and the pressure was highly unnerving. Throughout the whole thing I felt as though he would slip and break something, but thankfully nothing of the sort happened.

I suppose if there's a moral to the story it's "don't be a lazy bastard when it comes to your teeth".

If the world really does end two days from now, at least I'll have an excuse not to spend the holidays with family.
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Ooh, lovely. Only one more month before the world ends! Can we get flung out into deep space? I'd vastly prefer that to having the Earth burnt to a crisp or shake itself apart.
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Sleep deprivation makes everything hilarious. I just laughed hysterically at a vegetable.
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I bought almost two pounds of Gouda. What the hell do I do with that much cheese? I suppose I could grate it and roll around in it or something.
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I suppose I have to write something here sometime. Eh, life continues to be boring.

This is being crossposted from dreamwidth, because LIVEJOURNAL Y U NO WORK?
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I forgot all about it, but December 26, 2011 was my 15th year on the internet. Go me! Go internet!
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Right, is anyone glad that that crapfest of a year is over and done with? I know I am.

Thankfully, New Year's goes over much more smoothly at the family home. Maybe it's because of all the pretty lights and explosions. They do tend to distract one, after all. Plus, setting things on fire is so much fun! As long as it's not, you know, yourself.

Well, with only around 350 days or so until the world ends, I'd better get cracking if I'm taking over. Stupid apocalypse! So inconsiderate of other peoples' plans.
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Ignore me. Just doing a little testing.
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I want to say that was an... interesting Christmas, but honestly it's just regular holiday shenanigans turned up to eleven. More shouting than is usual.

In any case, the Hogfather two-parter TV special is airing! I shall watch it, complete with delightful chicken and cheddar cheese pastry thing to nibble on.
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NaNoWriMo is BLARG.

That is all.
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I took a tumble in the shower the other day. I must have hit every extremity on the way down, and rubbed the offending places for about a minute before I got out. I couldn't even walk straight the next day. EVERYTHING HURT, like my muscles were revolting against some vile totalitarian regime or something. And now, I have a cold. Thankfully, chocolate helps. STUPID HUMAN BODY! Why must you fail so?

And the uproar over the latest [livejournal.com profile] news post is tremendous. Basically, LJ made it so that you could crosspost comments from LJ to Facebook and Twitter. The problem is, this applies to locked posts - if someone cross posts a comment on a locked entry of yours there, parts of your own entry might tag along for a ride. The pingback system works similarly. One person has recieved a pingback containing part of a locked entry, and they don't even know the person directly. I don't have either, so I'm just sitting on the sidelines, enjoying some biscuits.
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Branching out! How exciting!
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YES. As long as it's immortality with eternal youth. That means no undeath, no brain-in-a-jar deals. Uploading my mind into a machine is a similar no-no, unless it's a humanoid or similar robot.

That would give me time to read every book, play every game, sing every song, et cetera. And if I get bored with this planet, there are others.
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Shotguns and chainsaws.

Also, it depends on how zombies distinguish people from other zombies, and whether that has any bearing on whether they'll attack someone or not.

1. If they can tell the difference between the living and the undead, and they don't attack each other (preferring only the tasty, tasty flesh/brains of the living), then I pretend to be a zombie when I have to go out in the world.

2. If they do attack each other, or can't tell between people from zombies, blow everything up.
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Another big bad storm. Half the country is without power. Also, in other parts, we got tornadoes and hail. WTF D: This isn't the American Midwest!

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Being on a proper computer and not some dinky little mobile device lets me actually watch things in flash. So it's off to Kotaku for E3 stuff. I don't buy stuff on launch, being a lazy git patient person, but if the 3DS can play proper N64 games I may have to line up for that one. Also, Portal 2. No need for elaboration. It's Portal 2, and I would shill out in a heartbeat.

On an unhappier note, I broke a tooth D: Thankfully it does not hurt, but I suppose the whole "ignore 'til it goes away" routine doesn't work on things that don't regenerate, like teeth. Bah. >_____< At least I get to play with the little dentist mission control console thingy on the chair while the dentist is looking away.

ARGARGARG my birthday is on thursday. A quarter century! Hopefully this means that the loss of immaturity privileges means I at least get shiny stuff, what with 25 being the silver anniversary and all.
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It's starting to do that thing again - life is - where time and days start to become lost or blurred together. Perhaps I need a project or something. Ooh, like achieving immortality or something. Then again, it may just be incredibly boring...

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For I have bought a pint of durian assice cream. The flavor is like some twisted taste version of an earworm - it does NOT go away easily. D:

Cable seems to be broken, as all I get is the German channel Deutsche Welle. It seems to consist of European art, Angela Merkel, and cute German footballers. And weather, which turns me green with envy when they show a mean temp of 17-20C. It's 38C over here, which sends me scurrying for cover.

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My next excuse would be lack of a pyooter (and thus internet) for the last three weeks, but then I remember that I do have this cally-thingy here.

In any case, I'm back here in my shack in the middle of nowhere. As most of you know, there is a tradeoff to living at home with the family - you may be relatively free of food, shelter, and money issues, but you give up a considerable amount of privacy and control.

Frankly, it's worth giving up on nicer meals for the privilege of walking around naked whenever I bloody well please. I suppose I could do that back home, but there wold be much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and clawing out of eyes.

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