Mar. 1st, 2010

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Recently I've picked up Dexter, both the books and the TV series. In the fourth season, Dexter kills someone, and to cover it up buys tickets (or so he says) and remarks that the victim would likely end up in The Philippines, and that it's a smart move since there's no extradition treaty.

Except there is. And if the ticket thing is metaphorical, and he really means that the pieces of her body would end up here because of the Gulf Stream... yeah, it doesn't work that way either. The body would be more likely to end up in, oh say Cornwall, or Morocco.

Hi, we aren't Cuba you know. We got rid of our version of Castro some twenty years ago. Okay fine, so the US did get us and Cuba (and a few other territories) in a deal with Spain a hundred years ago. And they have somewhat of a hold on us in terms of economy. And people tend to emigrate from here to America. And we do get battered by the force of American Pop Culture a bit. Hmm. Okay, never mind.

In other news, Cake! I tried baking one, specifically Nigella Lawson's Nutella Cake. Yes, I have a copy of How To Become A Domestic Goddess, yay. And... well. It ended up more like a rather dense brownie. Let me run through why it was Actual Product May Vary.

Hazelnuts are a bit hard to find (I swear I saw some but they don't have them in the market anymore), so I substituted ground almonds instead. I couldn't find the electric mixer, and I had to beat the egg whites by hand and probably didn't do it well enough. Then there's issues with the oven. Too much preheating, too close to the fire, left in a shade too long. And the icing! Oh, the uncooperative icing.

After doing a little surgery on the burnt bottom bit though... It turned out rather tasty, actually. Like a large circular brownie. I even got requests for an encore, though it will be some time before I can brave baking something again. The oven isn't up to it quite yet, either, and has gone into hiding/rehab/vacation.


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