Mar. 12th, 2010

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In anticipation of the release of SoulSilver (Lugia>Ho-oh. Fact.) I played through Platinum again. To seek out new pokes to transfer and all. Unfortunately, it has a massive cockblock, and its name is Garchomp. Specifically, Cynthia's Garchomp. I can't believe I forgot how much trouble that thing is. It wiped me twice. TWICE. Giratina, Cresselia, another Garchomp, they all were practically tissue paper. So I made it eat a hail-boosted Blizzard from Lapras. I <3 Lapras. Things were so much simpler when there were only 151 of the bloody things. Nidoking, Clefable, Lapras, and Venusaur basically just steamrolled through the place. In any case, it's friday, so get your Drifloon at the valley windworks and Lapras in union cave!

The toilets are fixed! And so is the air conditioner! *jubilation ensues* Properly functioning indoor pluming is a joy like no other.

HOWEVER. Uuuuurgh, there was a spider just watching me. WATCHING. WAITING. Nngh. Oh well, that's what bug spray is for. Or so I thought. So, as usual, I use enough to suffocate a small country, right? And that thing scuttling around was... *shudder* but I had to finish the job. But as I watched it succumb, death throes and all, I started to feel sad for it. Great, how can I, aspiring megalomaniac and card-carrying arachnophobe, even contemplate taking over the world when I feel pity for destroying that which makes me run in terror? I remember that I had to kill a bird for a school sciency thing, and I cried. For about fifteen minutes. And mind you, this was in my late teens. Goodness I'm a wuss. Empathy is quite the liability when you're planning world domination.


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